Storm King's Thunder: Against the Giants!!

A giant problem ahead.
our group comes together despite their best attempts.

After defeating the cloud giant that had attacked the warehouse in Waterdeep, Captain DP Roberts and Dobluth joined the city guards to go claim their bounty on the giants head. A small parade ensued when the body of the cloud giant is taken to the Manse of Lady Velrosa Nandar, a Waterdhavian noble who has placed a bounty on the head of any giant. The majordomo decides that in reward for the death of the cloud giant, the local feast hall will be used and free drink and food provided to all with a bounty reward of 9 and 3/4 gold to the men who took down the giant. The giant corpse was then tied and placed on the rafters for all to see. 

Meanwhile, Bish went to retrieve the body of Flagg, the illusionist. Who having been crushed by a giant was none too healthy. Bish absconded with the contents of Flagg's former person and took Dog with him towards the feast hall. Bish claimed Dog's bounty on the giant and stayed to feast, and to connive. Whilst there overheard were the tall tales of the hill giants sacking the countryside and pillaging the farmsteads. At the feast, Captain DP decided to go see the Lady Nandar and see if the Djiin's errand was for her Ladyship. At the feast, the crew met the Lady Nandar's personal magic expert, the warlock known as Colm. Colm requestd that if the captain were to go see Lady Nandar then he might be interested on joining them.

After the feast, Captain DP goes to visit a cartographer of shady maps and a drow mage who seems befuddled at the runic nature of the giant's disk. Bish decides to go see his informant, Honus Basquestavert, with whom he leaves 115 gold. Honus will return said amount to Bish in return for being allowed to use it invest in other ventures. This might not bode well for Were rats tend to not be the best financial advisors. Colm and Dobluth decided to investigate the werehouse where the giant had attacked. There they find a rod of arcane power, the rod has Caelum written on it and it is believed to be a relic of the ancient giant empires that fell by dragonfire. After doing this investigation Dobluth decided to sleep in the woods, where upon he met a hill giant with acute vision who found him and by hitting him twice left him unconscious and in a giant knapsack where Dobluth came to and made his way out with a family of farmers.  They evaded the giant once he remembered he can't see at night so well and made it back to Waterdeep.

The next day, the group sailed away in the Sultana, pme of Zabastrac's personal flying vessels towards Nightstone. On the way the captain regaled the group with endless tales of his exploits when suddenly a cloud tower was spotted. The crew hid and overheard the cloud giants manning it complaining about their runic locators for not being able to find the part of the rod. They threw their locator overboard and headed back towards their castle while the crew flew behind and descended on a river, to sail into a shatterd and broken city of Nightstone. 

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